The Cavalry Lunch Club autumn meeting, at The Cavalry Club, was by all accounts an acclaimed success.

The Cavalry Lunch Club autumn meeting, under the auspices of the RAC Alumni, at almost capacity at The Cavalry Club, was by all accounts an acclaimed success. The invigorated membership in part managed to assemble regimental or contemporary tables, while it was a worthy baptism for the new committee. 

All indeed except for one person, however; our esteemed guest speaker, Sir Richard Dearlove, was poleaxed by some malady at a function the night before, only then to spend the next week in hospital.  In his redoubtable manner, he has made us put 22 September, 2022 in the CLC diary. Meanwhile, Sir Edward Smyth-Osbourne, fortuitously Sir Richard’s own guest and piscatorial partner gallantly stepped up to the breach and gave an enlightened talk as the Corps Commander of NATO’s premier fighting organisation. 

All bodes well for future events, which we intend to variegate in order to promulgate and propagate the Alumni charter, to aid those leaving the Royal Armoured Corp and those long-left but seeking other opportunities. These may be career changes, entrepreneurial challenges, investments or offering the wealth of experiences gained to mentor others. 

Keep an eye on the noticeboard for up-to-date news and future events. In time a comprehensive database will evolve for membership access. 

Beyond that please always feel free to email any of us with questions and suggestions: Simon for chairman matters; Bill for membership matters, and myself for event matters.  

Best wishes from us all, Martin Horsford.

Posted: Wednesday, 10 November 2021